ARKITEK’s telecommunication solutions do provide IP infrastructure solutions for the entire operator or enterprise network – any size, any service – full stack. Designed, tested, verified and optimized, all telecommunication solutions do share the upmost level of performance, reliability, scalability, evolution and optimized cost. From end user terminal to Internet – and for everything in between, you are covered with us.

Converged IP Packet Backbone

ARKITEK’s Packet Backbone Network Solution provides, at the most fundamental level, inter and intra-site connectivity and packet transport for all packet and circuit switched traffic, signaling, network management and charging data on a commercial network. This vendor independent multi-service IP infrastructure connects core network to the access networks, the service network, data centers, charging systems, the Internet, peer operators and corporate networks.

Fixed Broadband Subscriber Termination

PPP Termination Architecture (PTA) Solution offers fixed-broadband internet service providers a blueprint to quickly and efficiently implement, optimize and grow their own or shared infrastructure – always compliant with industry standards, local regulations, best practices and implementations.

IPv6 Migration

ARKITEK’s IPv6 Transition Solution/Service offers network operators a way to smoothly introduce IPv6 into the network, starting by identifying the delta between the current status of your network and your wanted position, defining a transition strategy and impact analysis, planning the migration and finally, in a step-wise approach, enabling new IPv6-based services as required by their business.


ARKITEK’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solution offers enterprises at any scale to securely inter-connect geographically distributed physical networks over public internet infrastructure, always allowing staff members to access corporate network resources from outside the office, even working from home or public wi-fi locations – the most secure way.

Carrier-Grade NAT

ARKITEK’s Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT) Solution offers commercial operators and large-enterprises to conserve and efficiently use their IPv4 address space up until or while migrating to IPv6 the most straight-forward and efficient way.