ARKITEK’s application solutions are based on an in-house developed, flexible and cloud-native framework and it’s clients – which do work in perfect harmony and provide a reliable environment to efficiently implement customer requirements, workflows and UI. This provides any business-critical functionality for any project at any size.

The modular system allows you to add features and functionality as your requirements do extend, while we keep the framework and it’s core components always in best shape as part of our lifecycle management and up-to-date with latest technology and best-practices as part of our solution/product roadmaps.

Designed, tested, verified and optimized, all solutions do share the upmost level of performance, reliability, scalability and optimized cost – to support your business case, operational and budgetary requirements.

Web Applications

ARKITEK’s cloud-native in-house framework empowers corporate, business, e-commerce and marketing portals. Hosted on your preferred cloud infrastructure provider, scalable to your traffic requirements, we streamline the way you work and interact with your audience on the world wide web.

Mobile Applications

ARKITEK designed and developed mobile applications provide utmost functionality, flexibility and ease-of-use; taking full advantage of end-user-terminal (smartphones and tablets) hardware resources and peripherals. These applications do exceed the limitations of internet browsers and provide an unmatched user experience.

Network Applications

Leveraging on ARKITEK’s extensive background and experience on both telco and software solutions, our highly-available and scalable network application solutions would meet and exceed stringiest requirements of demanding telecommunication network operators, with complete control on signalling and user plane traffic, automation and monitoring.