With over 20 years of hands-on experience on planning, design and implementation of telco-grade IT and telecommunications solutions for commercial operators, largest enterprises and government agencies around the world; we are proud to offer our services portfolio to any customer at any scale, globally. Be it consultancy for a pre-sales engagement or professional services for a delivery/integration project, we walk the extra mile with you.

ARKITEK’s service offerings are grouped under five classifications: “Consultancy“, “Systems Integration”, “Custom Development“, “Application and Software Testing” and “Engineering Services“. These provide expertise and assurance for the lifetime of application and network requirements, from audit and proposal, to implementation and solution-level support, to management of growth and migration. ARKITEK has extensive experience providing these services, and customers span the globe and include many of the world’s leading businesses.


Equipped with vendor agnostic technical knowledge, proven methodologies, experience and discipline, we work with you to build/implement strategies, achieve targets, meet deadlines, mitigate/transfer risks – all being indisputable aspects of any undertaking in our industry – all critical for your profitability.

Systems Integration

Each and every network or systems integration project has its challenges and it’s execution will have a huge effect on project’s timelines and success. We can bring-in the right competence to secure your success and customer’s satisfaction.

Custom Development

Should your business or start-up needs a custom solution, our team of experts can design and implement the solution you will grow on – fullstack – at competitive cost, timelines and quality.

Application and Software Testing Services

Applications – at the core of your business operations and facing your customers – are critical for your business continuity and growing success. Equipped with industry-tested and verified tools and methodologies, ARKİTEK Test Center is ready to execute daily sanity and functional tests for current and future releases of your applications, in each and every hardware/software combination both server, desktop and mobile platforms.

Engineering Services

Professional experts on IT and Telecommunications are available to be part of your projects to allow you to reduce cost and risks and speeding up delivery while you focus on your primary business area.