With over 20 years of hands-on experience on planning, design and implementation of telco-grade IT and telecommunications solutions for commercial operators, largest enterprises and government agencies around the world; we are proud to offer our solutions portfolio to any customer at any scale, globally.

Our solutions are specifically tailored to solve specific problems and/or address requirements – hence adding value in terms of increased reliability, reduced risk, reduced costs and fastest introduction to the market.

Application Solutions

ARKITEK’s application solutions are based on an in-house developed, flexible and cloud-native framework and it’s clients – which do work in perfect harmony and provide a reliable environment to efficiently implement customer requirements, workflows and UI.

The modular system allows you to add features and functionality as your requirements do extend, while we keep the framework and it’s core components always in best shape as part of our lifecycle management and up-to-date with latest technology and best-practices as part of our solution/product roadmaps.


ARKITEK’s telecommunication solutions do provide IP infrastructure solutions for the entire operator or enterprise network – any size, any service – full stack. Designed, tested, verified and optimized, all telecommunication solutions do share the upmost level of performance, reliability, scalability, evolution and optimized cost.

Cloud Computing, Networking and Storage

Cloud Computing becoming more and more popular offering technical, operational and commercial benefits for businesses of any size; ARKITEK is pleased to extend its solutions to work with you moving to the cloud.