The rapid uptake of Internet TV and video is driving traffic volumes, with a growing portion of available services now offering high-definition content. In fact, Internet TV and video have already comprised more than half of all Internet traffic.

While upcoming mobile broadband technology and speed records takes all media coverage, it is our fact that the fixed broadband networks are still doing the heavy-lifting. The total number of fixed broadband subscribers may not grow as fast as mobile subscriptions; but the traffic consumption of fixed subscribers doubles every year.

The growth in volume and diversity is both opportunity and challenge to network operators. On one hand, Internet services are becoming increasingly essential for more and more facets of people’s lives: for business, for education, for social interaction, for entertainment. This enables new revenue opportunities. On the other hand, the prospective growth calls for investments in network upgrades, and extra operational expenses may accompany these upgrades. Modern strategies are needed to maximize the value of these investments and to minimize related expenses. Especially the classic approach of over provisioning network capacities, to assure a high quality of end-user experience, will become prohibitively cost-inefficient.

Instead, networks must become smarter. They must recognize application types, end-user devices, and end-user preferences, so as to maximize end-user experience and guarantee fair use of available network resources. Networks must also become simpler, hence cheaper, to operate, hiding the complexity that powers their new intelligence. And they must provide first-class resilience to ensure graceful degradation and minimal disruption in the rare event of a failure.

The Solution

ARKİTEK’s PTA solution offers fixed-broadband internet service providers a blueprint to quickly and efficiently implement, optimize and grow their own or shared infrastructure – always compliant with industry standards, local regulations, best practices and implementations.

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ARKİTEK’s vendor-agnostic fixed broadband subscriber termination solution offers service providers and enterprises at any scale a solid blueprint to implement a multi-service network which is highly-scalable, reliable and guaranteeing performance for voice, video and data thanks to differentiated services enabled by QoS. In-built security provides in-depth defense at the node, network and application levels.

Fixed-Broadband Subscriber Termination Solution

Design Options and Flexibility

Our fixed broadband subscriber termination solution addresses the technical and operation requirements of service providers at any scale, geographical coverage, operational and business models – either retail, wholesale or both. We would work with you to first understand your requirements along with business goals, and offer an end-to-end solution to perfectly fit your technical, operational and budgetary requirements always in-line with existing regulations and compliant with local laws.


Solution offers utmost resiliency, robustness and redundancy at different layers to satisfy highest SLAs. The subscriber physical/logical circuits and sessions can be distributed to redundant nodes and/or line cards and interfaces within the same node. Stateful and stateless high-availability scenarios (as long as supported by the active equipment) are included in the solution.

Scalability and Performance

While total number of subscribers, services associated, and average download speed per subscriber are key parameters on dimensioning the solution, we do also take into account other variables (like frame/packet overhead, processor limitations, redundancy requirements, subscriber bring-up rate, QoS, etc.) to offer your subscriber-base the best quality of experience.

From residential modem/router up to the internet traffic exchange router (for user plane traffic) and AAA (RADIUS), Policy Manager, DHCP and functions like DPI (for signaling traffic) each and every node and interfaces are included in our scope to have an accurate performance estimation on solution, when implemented and taken into production.