Given the rapid technological advances in mobile telecommunications, our vision of an inter-connected, “always on” world happens even sooner than forecasted. The initial GPRS speeds of 14.4kbps have sky rocketed to current 5G speeds of over 1Gbps. For operators and service providers that can keep up, these changes bring countless revenue opportunities, as well as many operational challenges.

The constant race to inter-connect not only the people, but also the objects challenges traditional business models and is forcing many service providers to innovate constantly in order to remain competitive. As time-to-market for new services becomes critical to increasing revenue generation, operators are under pressure to quickly upgrade networks.

Without the luxury of time, service providers need equipment vendors that can provide proven, verified IP infrastructure solutions that integrate network components and deliver features or applications in the shortest timeframe. Furthermore, with technology evolving at such a rapid pace, finding highly skilled product experts is challenging. Many providers now need to rely on outside vendors to handle technical functions like network planning, design, rollout and maintenance.

Another reality of this rapid evolution is the inevitability that multiple generations of mobile technologies will need to co-exist. In a world where CAPEX conservation and OPEX reduction is imperative, there is increasing pressure on vendors to guarantee network extensibility to accommodate future technologies.

Consequently, operators require a network that is both future proof and backward compatible to avoid costly forklift upgrades and the expense of continuously re-training personnel.

The Solution

While operators continuously need to transform their networks to handle massive scale and adopt an operational model that supports the rapid roll out of new services, our pre-tested and verified end-to-end IP infrastructure solutions and expertise help make this transformation as seamless and efficient as possible.

Our professional service professionals have spent thousands of hours working on fixed, mobile and converged network design, planning, roll out and maintenance. When you’re ready to navigate the world of rapid technology evolution, ARKİTEK is the ideal partner to help you monetize your most strategic asset – your network.

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ARKİTEK’s vendor-agnostic Packet Backbone Network Solution offers operators, service providers and enterprises at any scale a solid blueprint to implement a multi-service network which is highly-scalable, reliable and guaranteeing performance for voice, video and data thanks to differentiated services enabled by QoS. In-built security provides in-depth defense at the node, network and application levels.

Converged Packet Backbone Network (CPBN) Solution Overview (Logical)
Converged Packet Backbone Network (CPBN) Solution Overview (Logical)

ARKITEK’s CPBN solution provides a multi-service IP infrastructure for mobile core and converged metro networks, supporting broadband packet data services, Mobile Softswitching and IMS. It delivers telecom-quality reliability and was developed to support an efficient evolution to all-IP. CPBN speeds up the roll-out of new mission-critical IP infrastructure, and minimizes the implementation costs and risks for an operator. ARKITEK’s Professional Services Team ensure the successful design, integration and delivery of the operator’s network infrastructure as well as on-going management and education services.

CPBN is a multi-service IP infrastructure solution including complete connectivity solutions for both intra- and inter-site transport, taking into account the issues of performance, reliability, scalability, security and manageability.

CPBN connects all core network nodes and servers. It also provides the required IP connectivity between the Core Network, Service Network, Radio Access Networks and external networks such as GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX), the Internet and Corporate sites.

Optimal Design for the Transport Network

The optimal converged transport network design needs to provide an efficient, traffic aware transport capabilities all the way from the IP RAN to the fixed/mobile core, through the mobile backhaul and the packet backbone. However, scaling the mobile backhaul network is a significant challenge. With increasing user access speeds, a transport network that originates at the radio base station and terminates at the BSC or RNC can become a critical bottleneck and denigrate the user experience.

Operator Benefits

ARKITEK’s CPBN solution has the following key operator benefits:

Delivers dependable subscriber services. Issues such as high-availability network design, jitter, delay, and packet loss are major challenges for IP infrastructure, and our uses ARKITEK competence and experience to deliver real-time services an operator can depend upon.

Reduced risk. We do design packet networks since 1999 and took part of more than 50 worldwide customer deployments. As such, it is a well-proven reference solution with well-proven professional services, offering a reduced-risk path for operators taking the evolution path to all-IP including support for modern technologies and automation.

Enables faster time to service and revenue generation. The fundamental CPBN reference design is standards-based, well documented and verified. This trusted design is therefore well-proven and provides faster in-service times because it reduces the evaluation and integration tasks and costs introduced when an operator designs a bespoke solution from several vendors.

Lowers lifetime network costs and maximizes use of capital investment. CPBN is a long-term solution with a well-planned migration including MSS, IMS and LTE/EPC migration. It provides a modular scalable architecture and scalable platforms capable of supporting high traffic loads for future growth.

Delivers predictable differentiated services. This applies to traffic with real-time requirements (such as conversational voice), streaming traffic, email, browsing and so on. Each has an assigned QoS and appropriate deterministic service can be delivered according to the application requirements.

Provides a secure network infrastructure for operators, users and their traffic. This is a real threat for operators, especially since the IP infrastructure now carries billing data, O&M and signaling traffic. CPBN takes a holistic approach to security, looking at threats from internal sources and external sources, and produces an operator-specific solution using a multi-layered approach.

Enables scalable growth from small to very large. CPBN uses a scalable architecture using pre-defined site types, modular solutions and scalable network element platforms to produce a network architecture that is able to grow to accommodate subscriber number and traffic growth.

Reduce Subscriber Churn

The core objective of most business strategies is to reduce user churn and increase ARPU. Since subscribers have many choices, the key to user retention has been providing consistently superior and personalized services. Offering a high quality of experience (QoE) requires a converged transport network that is designed to scale with evolving technologies and increasing user traffic. Service providers also need to ensure fair usage of the network and retain the ability to charge higher prices for premium services that guarantee service levels and reliability.

Professional Services

Complementary professional services are available to augment the CPBN solution design, ease network deployment and manage in-service operation.

Through the use of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, ARKITEK is able to customize and implement a new mobile core IP infrastructure according to operator-specific requirements. ARKITEK provides business and technical consultancy services, for all aspects of network and services design, implementation, and in-service network support, including the comprehensive and proactive ‘Solution Level Support’.

Substantial savings can be made by deploying the CPBN solution. These are achieved when compared with the alternative approach, which is commonly found when you use internal resources to design and integrate a piecemeal solution based on a host of vendors’ offerings. Such an approach ties up weeks and months of internal resources, introduces many risks associated with scaling, migrating and supporting the piecemeal network solution. Ultimately you spend more, increase risk, and it takes longer to bring the network into service compared with deploying ARKITEK’s CPBN solution.

ARKITEK’s Professional Service offerings are grouped under five classifications: “Consultancy“, “Systems Integration”, “Custom Development“, “Application and Software Testing” and “Engineering Services“. These provide expertise and assurance for the lifetime of application and network requirements, from audit and proposal, to implementation and solution-level support, to management of growth and migration. ARKITEK has extensive experience providing these services, and customers span the globe and include many of the world’s leading businesses.