ARKITEK plans, dimensions, resells and integrates DELL’s state-of-art server hardware as per customer technical specifications; as standalone or as part of a solution. We are using DELL servers for more than 20 years in all kinds of projects at any scale and so far; we have had any issues in terms of reliability, performance and customer support. The products have always exceeded our expectations and performance requirements at best price/performance ratio.

Dell Technologies is the only server vendor offering a cross portfolio solution for cryptographically verified hardware integrity, dynamic system lockdown, and robust firmware and boot protection. Anchored by a well-established silicon Root of Trust, we provide security that starts at design and continues through the supply chain and full lifecycle.

Rack Servers

PowerEdge rack servers maximize performance across the widest range of applications and are optimized to power your systems to work together and independently. Also offered as pre-configured, tested and certified vSAN Ready Nodes.

DELL’s newest PowerEdge rack servers are designed to address your most challenging workloads, working autonomously and collaboratively across all your IT environments. Paired with OpenManage integrated IT management system, PowerEdge rack servers include most powerful automation and reporting features yet – freeing you to focus on growing your business.

  • PowerEdge R250
  • PowerEdge R350
  • PowerEdge R450
  • PowerEdge R550
  • PowerEdge R650
  • PowerEdge R750
  • PowerEdge R840
  • PowerEdge R940

Tower Servers

PowerEdge tower servers offer the ideal performance, versatility and quiet operations for small, large, and remote offices. Available in a range of sizes, from mini towers to rack-capable platforms.

  • PowerEdge T150
  • PowerEdge T350
  • PowerEdge T40
  • PowerEdge T140
  • PowerEdge T340
  • PowerEdge T550
  • PowerEdge T440
  • PowerEdge T640

Modular Infrastructure

The PowerEdge modular portfolio allows you to easily tailor, deploy and manage your infrastructure while lowering operating costs. Create your future-ready data center with easily expandable compute, networking and storage.

Modular infrastructure (MI) solutions let you optimize your IT infrastructure for traditional, new and emerging workloads, and provide a path to a modern, software-defined data center.

Specialty Servers

DELL’s newest addition to the Dell EMC PowerEdge family, PowerEdge XE servers are purpose-built for complex, harsh and compute-intensive workloads at the network edge. 

Rugged Servers

Industrial-grade OEM PowerEdge servers are built to withstand the extreme heat, dust, shock and vibration of factory floors, construction sites, mobile command centers and other extreme environments.

Management Solutions

Take control and automate the full IT lifecycle with the OpenManage portfolio. Increase the productivity, reliability and cost effectiveness of your servers while making IT operations more efficient.